That is important to your overall health?

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That is important to your overall health?

Health problems or chronic diseases that are not contagious or can transmitte, the main cause is your body’s degeneration. That affects the immune system and abnormalities in the system that controls cell production. The functioning of organs in various systems. That said, if you’re 50-60 years old or older, it’s likely a health problem that occurs over time. But if you are younger than this and find that you have already encountered these health problems. Before it spreads, you may be able to prevent or treat it in time.

The first stage of deterioration in your body is “eating food” that causes chronic inflammation on a regular basis

Food that has been processed or highly processed or chemically synthesized. Mixed with preservatives, high in sugar, decorative substances to add various flavors or colors. Junk food or Junk Food such as hamburgers, pizza, French fries, nuggets, hot dogs, pies, including meat fried at high heat, etc., and refined grain foods such as white rice, สมัคร ufabet white flour, etc. It is difficult if you Observe to recognize degenerative abnormalities in various cells. Within your body that slowly It has become the main cause of chronic non-communicable diseases (NCDs). But that does not make it difficult to choose to eat the aforementioned foods that are delicious. from interesting advertisements. From having to eat to compete with the rush of time. And this is why eating is one of the most important ways to start your health that you have to start doing before it’s too late. And this diet is the main cause. That affects the occurrence of 4 groups of chronic non-communicable diseases (NCDs) that Thai people and around the world suffer from the most:

Group of degenerative diseases in the body

Cancer and tumor group

Circulatory system disease group

Respiratory system disease group