Man Utd players graded for Sunday’s 3-0 thrashing of Leicester

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Man Utd players graded for Sunday’s 3-0 thrashing of Leicester in the Premier League: Player Ratings.

Manchester United player ratings

David De Gea – 8/10

There were some nice saves that helped the team twice early in the game. Causing the team to remain at a disadvantage. Before there almost no difficult task to defend again

Diogo Dalot – 7/10

Today, there are quite a lot of roles in the offensive game. Especially of the second half. Who came up with a chance to open. Including a chance Man Utd to shoot in the penalty area But unfortunately, the charging moment that made a mistake

Victor Lindelof – 7/10

The defensive game, even today, did not lose the goal. But at the beginning of the game there still some thrilling moments. After that, it was considered better until Leicester could hardly find opportunity to finish in the second half.

Lisandro Martinez – 7/10

Early in the game, there were some difficulties in catching the rhythm. But after that it got better. There are many beautiful strokes, including almost scoring a goal from the rhythmic strike hitting the crossbar.

Luke Shaw – 7/10

The defensive game is outstanding in one-on-one duels and tackles. As for the second half of the offensive game, more freedom, there is an opportunity to drag and break through to win many times.

Marcel Sabitzer – 7/10

Keep connecting the ball to connect the game in the midfield. There are many beautiful interceptions in the middle of the field.

Man Utd players grade for Sunday

Fred – 7/10

Use diligence to chase the ball in the middle of the field and get 1 beautiful assist for Rashford to drop alone and score the second goal for the team in the second half.

Alejandro Carnacho – 5/10

keep making games on the left side. But today still can’t do much There was a moment. When he shot with his right hand. But flew over the crossbar and could not win.

Bruno Fernandes – 8/10

Is the heart of Manchester United’s game, getting 2 assists from paying Rashford and Sancho. After which there were many more attempts to mold teammates. But the score did not change can

Marcus Rashford – 8/10

The performance continues to be very hot today. Although the chances are not many. But still managed to score 2 goals in this game. Flawless use of speed to play with Leicester’s offside traps.

Wow Wakehorst – 6/10

There was a step back to form the game. Waiting to rest the ball, chasing the ball in the upper territory, being diligent. Always running and making a way to find the hole. The only disadvantage is not being able to score goals despite having many good chances.