Man United 3-0 Leicester City: Collecting issues after the Premier League

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Man United 3-0 Leicester City: Collecting issues after the Premier League game on Sunday night, the Red Devils open the house against.

De Gea keeps the team in the game.

If looking at the score, many people would think. That this game would easy task for Manchester United. But at the beginning of the game it was not so. Because it became Leicester City who had possession of the ball until the Manchester players United had to step back to set up a defensive game process almost in time. In which the visiting team can create many beautiful opportunities. Today seems to be another game in which David De Gea, the top goalkeeper, has the most form because he helps save two or three important things in a row. who both fell alone and shot at close range, this gluer was able to dispel them all That was crucial in helping them stay in the game until the first goal from a counter-attack later on.

Leicester don’t do their homework.

Having said that, it’s good that Leicester City try to open the game to attack. Which was not bad early in the game and almost took the lead several times. But their mistake that if anyone has watch Manchester United play will know. That the trick of the Red Devils in this era is “Playing a counter-attack game” and Leicester released a high back. And didn’t play well, pass the ball to waste in the area until. It was hit by Rashford. Who fired a shot that helped the home team take the lead first. And after that it became a tacit way to Man United because the visiting team had to try to attack. The more offensive it becomes, the more space it opens up for the defenders to play more easily until it is the origin of the game in the second half. That is almost possession of all of Manchester United.

Weghorst, a new type of striker, does not focus on goals.

One of the highlights of this game, besides David De Gea’s save and Marcus Rashford’s two goals, is that Hue Weghorst, with his “defensive striker” role, is often Falling down low to connect the game and often helping the defensive game, although it doesn’t look natural, but respects the effort that wants to benefit the team as much as possible. The most hilarious issue is that teammates try to make the most of it late in the game. But seems to still lack luck. Which has referred to many times. But always seems to be too slow However, United fans would forgiven for the fact. That the star play with such “heart” and dedication to the team.

Mainu debuts

Today, Erik ten Hag decided to send 17-year-old Wanderkid midfielder Kobbie Mainu to the field as a substitute in the last 10 minutes. Who has just begun to be known more this season. After being pushed up to train with the first team. Including getting opportunities in cup football. In which many people have been rumored that he is “New Carrick” and even 10 minutes. This game still too early to decide anything. But at least today is the official “debut” day in front of the Red Devils football fans, it’s unlikely that if he can develop his pace to be as cool as everyone has really heard. Maybe next season Casemiro will have a new partner named Cobbie Mainu.