Juventus talk with Szczesny about new contract.

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Juventus are in talks to extend the contract of No. 1 goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny. Until June 2026, as long as this goalkeeper is willing to take a pay cut.

Szczesny is currently contracted to the club until June 2025 and is paid around €6.5 million per season.

According to a report from Tuttomercato It was revealed that. their plan is to extend their current contract for another year but with the same total compensation. As a result, wages will be spread out and become less.

It would mean an annual salary of just €4.5 million per season ทางเข้า UFABET

Chesny did not reject the idea. Since he was settled in Turin and has turned down large sums of money from Saudi Arabia and Bayern Munich in recent months.

Juve have also dismissed the idea of ​​signing Gianluigi Donnarumma and have no desire to push Szczesny to an early retirement.

Extending the contract to 2026 would be a good thing. Because it will lead him to play all the way to the World Cup. He hopes to remain on the Polish national team.

Szczesny’s talent has led many teams in Europe to take a chance on him. One of which was AS Roma who decided to offer this player on loan to Arsenal.