Chelsea 0-1 Southampton: Picking up 5 hot issues after the Premier League game.

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Lose to team Plum

Chelsea situation can call the worst underdog. Despite the addition of a club record army. But that could not save them from defeat, especially against the plum team like Southampton, who had poor results throughout the season. but did well when meeting the Blue Lion in this game, however, the Navy Blue Lion It’s admirable Because they still maintain their own standards. Which the standard is that it can play consistently sucks Premier League game.

Football is always dangerous to change coaches.

After last week, Southampton managed to sack Nathan Jones and appointed interim manager Ruben Celles as his replacement. That was enough for them to enter the conditions. “Change the coach” that many big teams have hit by this mystery. All over the face and Chelsea itself has become the latest team. With having to meet a Saint player who. After changing the head of the boat, runs back to death, fights for the head of the kind that if playing like this from the beginning, would have been able to win the European area.

Saint James Ward Prowse’s Only Weapon

Knowingly but still missing out on Chelsea’s defensive line, it’s clear that without Thiago Silva is like missing a heart in the defensive game. Plus today they went to challenge the only secret weapon that Southampton has and of course that led to disaster with James Ward Prowse’s masterful free-kick, who did not really know that the home players had done their homework before. Or do not want to try something, leave that at ‘The most accurate free-kicker’ in Premier League history has carefully spun in the working range. Before it was the winning goal and creating the record for the player. Who scored the most free goals. After David Beckham, there was only one goal left.