Many of you may fish shooting games or fishing games

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Many of you may have seen fish shooting games or fishing games.

There will be a lot of people going to use this arcade game. Where the playing system is a game cabinet with a joystick as a fishing rod for everyone to use to play fish shooting games online.

But when it becomes online gambling, we will use only one mouse to control the direction of shooting. along with many convenience systems that come to use There is a system to lock the target which fish you want to shoot for those.

Who want to shoot only that fish. Or to choose the automatic fire button and you have to be the only one to control the direction. There is a system for us to put money that we want to shoot out at a specified price. With the ease and convenience of fish shooting games is the reason. Why many people come to play.

What bonuses can I get in fish shooting games?

Within the game will consist of common fish that swim around on our screen. Each fish will give a different currency. There will be a specific type of fish or character that will give special bonuses. The reward multiplier rate of those special characters will pay 50-500 more than usual. How much depends on those special characters. 

The first bonus will come in the form of a very high multiplier. For example, the golden fish will give the main reward 40 times or more. The boss of the stage will randomly multiply the prize money from 100-300. Double or maybe more depending on each boss level. And there will be different treasure boxes or bonus giveaways. Finally, a device that will help us earn money from those fish more easily is a gun that increases firepower. Next comes the bomb that will blow all the fish on the screen in a jackpot style. Earn money from multiple this item.

Many of you may worry that the level of playing games will low to medium. But in fact, fish shooting games are available from 0.1 bullets to 100 per shot. Which will split the playing room into two levels, 0.1-10 and 10-100, allowing gamblers to choose to play fish shooting games. There are many levels according to the funds that everyone has. The bigger the room, the more jackpots, because if we use a lot of valuable ammunition, the jackpot will be broken more easily. Fishing games or fish shooting games online nowadays can use both on the website and Download the game to play on your mobile phone as you like. Ready to deposit and withdraw money in fishing games 24 hours at UFABET day with a team to take good care.