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6 anti-inflammatory foods, the initial cause of “cancer”

Did you know that the initial symptoms of cancer patients Most of them are caused by inflammation. And it is a long-lasting inflammation that eventually causes the cells in that area to become cancerous. And inflammation is also an early symptom of many other dangerous diseases such as

Dengue fever What are the symptoms?

Dengue hemorrhagic fever is a disease caused by the dengue virus transmitted by mosquitoes. Usually found in tropical countries and endemic during the rainy season of every year. The symptoms of dengue fever range from mild symptoms to death if not treated promptly. Currently, dengue fever is a public health

7 food menus that are not very salty, but “sodium” is high

These foods are very salty and high in sodium. But we may overlook Sodium or salty taste from food It’s another villain that hurts your body more than you think. not just kidney disease but also affects other dangerous diseases which is found in most Thai people, such as high blood

10 ways to quit smoking by yourself. Easy like this.

On World No Tobacco Day on May 31 of every year, we believe that everyone already knows what the dangers of smoking are. In addition to the broken lungs, it also damages other organs in the body such as blood vessels, eyes, and even causes cancer. Therefore,