Cerebral hemorrhage What is the cause?

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Cerebral hemorrhage It is caused by abnormalities of the blood vessels in the brain. that causes the brain to be in a state of ischemia It may be caused by a cerebral artery stenosis or blockage from a large blood clot. or fat that has accumulated for a long time Obstructing the blood flow that goes to the brain health.

And it may be caused by a ruptured or torn blood vessel in the brain because the brain blood vessels may be fragile. This often has symptoms associated with high blood pressure. UFABET  Or there may be an accumulation of fat in the arteries. causing the amount of blood to enter the brain to suddenly decrease until a brain hemorrhage occurred and died in a short time.

Cerebral hemorrhage What risk factors are there?

  1. aging May cause blood vessels in the brain to lose flexibility. And the inner surface of the blood vessels may accumulate fat and tartar. Therefore making the blood flow more difficult.
  2. high blood pressure Can cause blood vessels in the brain to break.
  3. Diabetes is disease that causes blood vessels throughout the body to harden more than before. Lack of flexibility
  4. High blood fat Because fat is the thing that gets in the way of traveling. and blood flow This causes less blood to travel to the brain.
  5. Heart disease: When the heart works abnormally. Such as heart valve abnormalities. or irregular heartbeat. It can cause blood clots that can disrupt blood flow in the blood vessels.
  6. Smoking because nicotine and carbon monoxide reduce the amount of oxygen in the body. Including the brain decreasing and destroy blood vessel walls Make blood vessels harden
  7. Stress and lack of exercise