10 ways to quit smoking by yourself. Easy like this.

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On World No Tobacco Day on May 31 of every year, we believe that everyone already knows what the dangers of smoking are. In addition to the broken lungs, it also damages other organs in the body such as blood vessels, eyes, and even causes cancer.  http://ufabet999.com

Therefore, anyone who wants to quit smoking You’re right. 

How to quit smoking by yourself to be effective, guaranteed not difficult, just follow this. 

10 ways to quit smoking by yourself. Easy like this. Anyone can do it.

Make the motivation clear You can write it down in your room, on your door, on your mirror, or anywhere else. What are we going to quit smoking for, for our loved ones, for our children, for our families, for our own health , or even to reduce our daily expenses?

Seek advice from a trusted source. Whether from a doctor directly, call Quit Line 1600, Thanyarak Institute. or click on quit smoking in general hospitals

Determine the exact time to quit smoking. spread out the calendar Take the pen. Today must be the first day of quitting smoking, after 3 months, you must never pick up a cigarette again, etc.

Throw away all the smoking tools, don’t leave any leftovers, and keep snacks that cure cravings such as chewing gum, candies, fruit, etc.

Not near smokers. This is important if friends around us still smoke. Then we stand next to There is a high chance that we will not be able to overcome our cravings. It’s like losing weight and your friend dragging you to a buffet.

Not too serious I know that things like this require discipline. But don’t obsess over too much stress. Instead of the brain thinking about quitting smoking Stop yourself from wanting to smoke. We better use our brains to think about other things. Let’s forget about smoking. It’s better.

Find other activities to do instead. If the same time you used to smoke has arrived, such as lunch break, afternoon break, evening break, you have to walk down to smoke a cigarette. Instead, use that time to do something else. You may exercise, read a book, watch TV, listen to music, or do whatever you like. kill those times

Must be strong to the end No smoking is strictly prohibited. If you’ve lost 5kg and are rewarding yourself with a small bowl of ice cream, there’s nothing wrong with that. but for cigarettes That is like a drug, after quitting, do not go back and try it at all

Take care of your health according to 3 simple principles: 1) Eat nutritious food 2) Exercise regularly 3) Get enough rest. If you can do this Ensure your health Your figure will definitely improve instantly. And you won’t want to go back and torture yourself again, trust me.

Every time you feel discouraged, unable to fight, unable to resist, and wanting to dominate to the extreme, go back and look at the “motivation” that we wrote down again. That we quit smoking for what? For whom? Then start a new fight. Activities that are done to escape from smoking are asked to do continuously for a long time. original time make it a habit

If you can follow these instructions Quitting smoking is not as difficult as they say anymore. 

You don’t need to rely on a lot of equipment. because everything is purely in the mind good luck everyone own a healthy body in order to live with your loved ones for a long time